Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Cinderella Themed Family Costumes.

For Halloween last year we decided to go with a Cinderella theme since that was Olivia's favorite princess at the time!
Michael was Bruno, I was Lucifer, Olivia was Cinderella (of course), and Clara was Gus Gus.
We didn't have a lot of money so we had to try and work with what we already had.
Hence why bruno is gray instead of brown.

My husband is totally a trooper haha! I promised him I wouldn't make him be a animal this year.
(See him as a mouse in THIS post!)

It is always so fun to come up with costumes and especially fun when the whole family goes together!

Similar Cinderella dress HERE.

Gus Gus outfit HERE
(I took the blue bow off and then bought a cheap t-shirt from Wal-mart to put over it)

I would recommend actually visiting Target and/or Walmart especially for the dog and cat ears!

Happy Halloween costume hunting! 



  1. So this is where you have disappeared to Isabella...I finally found it!!!! I am so excited for you girls. This looks amazing. I told my niece about you guys and will spread the word at how amazingly talented you all are and how everyone should follow you. Maybe i will get back on insta too. Do some make up posts for us old ladies too. ;) Love you!!!!!!!!!!! I am one proud Auntie...

    1. Haha! Sorry I meant to tell you our blog name and stuff. But thank you so much! Someone is designing our website right now which we are super excited about and it is just so fun to do something with Jill and Soph! But we for sure will do some make-up posts/tips and hair things too. But you aren't old ps.!! Our insta name is Puckerupstyle so if you do come back you can find a lot of things there that we don't always post on the blog! Love you Hilary!