Thursday, March 19, 2015

Casual but Classy.

I just adore wearing neutrals. They are gorgeous for every season and perfect for an everyday outfit. These adorable gray shorts can be worn for any occasion because they can be dressed up or dressed down. I've had these shorts for so long now so I found a few shorts that look similar and are super cute. Check them out HEREHERE and these ones HERE are adorable but they are in the color black. Add some tights underneath for a completely different look and to keep warm because who knows what the weather will change to by the end of the day. I love wearing tights under shorts because it's a stylish way to mix it up and get out of those typical, everyday pants.
I paired these shorts with a black cropped shirt with a touch of lace. I got this shirt at Love Culture a while ago. I found a few look alike's HERE and HERE. This shirt HERE isn't quite the same but would look beautiful with a black under shirt. To dress up this outfit even more and to add a touch of class, I added this beautiful necklace that I found at Böhme Boutique. I found a few reasonably priced statement necklaces HERE, HERE and HERE. To finish the look, I added some black wedge booties that I found at Forever 21. 


Who would have ever guessed that it is possible to have such bright, neon blue makeup on their eyes that is actually wearable?! I was thrilled to create this look. How fun would this look be to wear out to a party, a dance or any social outing? You will definitely stand out wearing this glamorous, thrilling, exciting makeup.
Products Used:
Urban Decay Electric Palette - Chaos for the lid
Mac Cosmetics Cool Neutral Palette - Brun for the crease (Also used for lower lash line. Feel free to go all out and use Chaos on the lower lash line as well), Pick Me Up for the highlighter 
If you love bright, pigmented colors, check out the Electric Palette HERE!

Nice and Warm.

Wear this warm, smokey look with any outfit! Dress it up or dress it down. Use a lighter color on the inner corner of your eye and then go to town with dark colors on the outer corner. Add some drama with winged liner and smoke out the lower lash line to your desire. ANYONE can pull this look off so just have fun with it!

Sweet & Sour.

You are sure to stand out wearing this soft, creamy tangerine lipstick. Such a beautiful color to be worn on a warm summer day. Check it out HERE!

Cool, Neutral with a Dash of Glitter.

How many of you love wearing cool tones? I know I do! This look is perfect because the lid is so soft and neutral, there's a light pop of color on the bottom lash line and a dash of glitter on the center of the lid to add drama and romance. Anyone could pull off this look so try it and let me know what you think!
Products Used:
Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette - Milk Chocolate for the crease, Cherry Cordial for lower lash line
Too Faced Cat Eyes Palette - Purrr for the center of the lid and highlighter 
Mac Cosmetics - Satin Taupe for the outer and inner corner
Icing - white glitter on the center of the lid

Soft Smokey Eye.

I'm in LOVE with this smokey eye! This makeup will look great on anyone and would be perfect for an evening out when you're wanting to spice things up. 
Products Used:
Lorac Pro Palette - Taupe and Sable for my crease, Black to create a smoked out liner look
Mac Cool Neutral Palette - Brun for my lid
Too Faced Cat Eyes Palette - Purrr for my highlighter
Pop on some lashes for extra drama! Some of my favorite lashes ever can be found HERE. These lashes are so natural.

Sparkly, Purple Makeup.

I absolutely adored creating this makeup look! Who doesn't love a little sparkle? This look is so fun, simple and can be worn for any occasion. Check out the tutorial HERE. In the tutorial, I left out the winged eyeliner, but have fun recreating this look and making it your own!

Monday, March 16, 2015

Toddler gold heart bikini with gold sandals.

I bought both of these items in stores but I posted a link  of where you could buy them online as well.

Swimsuit found at Wal-mart. Online HERE.
 Gold sandals found at Target. Sandals found HERE online. I am also totally in love with THESE gold sandals as well.

Diaper bag essentials.

As we all know what we have in our diaper bag is of up most importance.
Going out of the house with a baby is quite the adventure to say the least.
So we better be prepared for whatever those cute little things decide they need.

Here is a list of things I make sure to always have in my diaper bag.
This is a fairly long list but it's funny how I can say that I don't know what I would have done if I didn't have each of these items on hand.

A small container of hand sanitizer.
3-4 extra diapers
A small wipe container full with wipes. 
(Make sure to replenish after every outing!)
A changing pad.
Extra outfit. 
(Never know when there will be an explosion or they will spill something all over themselves.)
A small flashlight.
A couple books/toys.
Either a bottle or sippy cup of milk, juice, or water.
A fruit snack.
Another container with some sort of snack. I usually have goldfish.
A couple packets or small container of antibacterial wipes.
(I use these all the time to wipe down the carts and highchairs before we use them.)
A mini can of Lysol.
A small treat. (Like smarties.)
An extra Binky.
Proof of their insurance.
A small container of baby lotion.
A bulb syringe. 
(Especially when they have a cold.)
Tide-to-go pen.
A small container of sunscreen.
A small container of baby Tylenol.
A couple bandaids or small first aid kit.

A few things I put in for me:
An extra pad/tampon
A granola bar.
Cell phone.

 I usually do a quick clean-out of my diaper bag after each outing that way it is ready right when I need it!

You can print this list HERE.

Quick and easy hair knot.

Mornings can be so crazy trying to make it to school, work, etc. on time. I love hitting my snooze button and when I finally open my eyes, I HAVE to check my social media! haha Who's with me? I love this quick, easy, and cute hair style that can be dressed up or dressed down. It seriously takes seconds and it's soo cute! Please comment and let me know what you think.-xoxo

Friday, March 13, 2015

Skin care on a budget.

Taking care of your skin is crucial! The makeup is only as good as the palette! With that being said, this video shows a few, bare minimum, low budget skin care products that can help you create a flawless complexion. Please comment and let us know if any of these products work for you or if you have any suggestions! Enjoy!

Products used:
Neutrogena- Makeup remover cleansing towlettes
Neutrogena Naturals- Purifying pore scrub
Murad- Clarifying cleanser
Neutrogena- Deep moisture, day cream
Neutrogena- On the spot acne treatment
Touch beauty- Exfoliating brush (groopdealz)

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Gold Glitter Ombré.

I love love love the way these glitter ombré nails turned out! 

To create this easy, look use any black gel polish and any gold glitter. After applying your base coat and 2 coats of color (or however many is needed) I apply a gold glitter using a small makeup fan brush. You dip the brush in the loose glitter and place it at the bottom of the nail near the cuticle, then you slowing sweep it upwards towards the tip. After the glitter is applied, apply your top coat. You may want to apply two top coats to avoid any roughness that the glitter might cause. Good Luck!

Black and White sweater dress.

I found this dress on a random sale rack at Forever 21 for just $18 dollars but I found a few similar styles that I love just the same HERE and HERE and HERE

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Overalls and High tops!

I am totally in love with overalls. And these ones could not look cuter on little girls.
You can find them HERE online.
And the shoes...!!!
Well you can find those HERE online.
I bought both of these items in the actual stores FYI.

Here is a picture of the overalls on one of my littles.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Vintage floral swimsuit for little girl.

I am absolutely in love with this swimsuit. 
I found it HERE. And while you are looking at that swimsuit you might as well look at all the other darling little girls things as well.
I'm telling you, I could purchase every single item!
Happy Shopping!