Monday, March 16, 2015

Diaper bag essentials.

As we all know what we have in our diaper bag is of up most importance.
Going out of the house with a baby is quite the adventure to say the least.
So we better be prepared for whatever those cute little things decide they need.

Here is a list of things I make sure to always have in my diaper bag.
This is a fairly long list but it's funny how I can say that I don't know what I would have done if I didn't have each of these items on hand.

A small container of hand sanitizer.
3-4 extra diapers
A small wipe container full with wipes. 
(Make sure to replenish after every outing!)
A changing pad.
Extra outfit. 
(Never know when there will be an explosion or they will spill something all over themselves.)
A small flashlight.
A couple books/toys.
Either a bottle or sippy cup of milk, juice, or water.
A fruit snack.
Another container with some sort of snack. I usually have goldfish.
A couple packets or small container of antibacterial wipes.
(I use these all the time to wipe down the carts and highchairs before we use them.)
A mini can of Lysol.
A small treat. (Like smarties.)
An extra Binky.
Proof of their insurance.
A small container of baby lotion.
A bulb syringe. 
(Especially when they have a cold.)
Tide-to-go pen.
A small container of sunscreen.
A small container of baby Tylenol.
A couple bandaids or small first aid kit.

A few things I put in for me:
An extra pad/tampon
A granola bar.
Cell phone.

 I usually do a quick clean-out of my diaper bag after each outing that way it is ready right when I need it!

You can print this list HERE.

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