Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Celebrate Good Times.

Who loves a good celebration? I know I do! This past summer, my husband graduated BYU, was commissioned into the Air Force, and was accepted to and started attending Midwestern University in their dental program. If you ask me, these accomplishments are worth celebrating. I wanted to put together something simple and intimate. Here are some ideas for a inexpensive, elegant celebration.
I used graduation pictures of my husband, his diploma, and his Air Force acceptance as a center piece to "show off" and represent him for the celebration. Surrounding that, of course we had to have desserts! What's a celebration without desserts?
For drinks, I placed sparkling cider nicely on the table, showing all the different flavors. I used wine glasses to serve the drinks because nothing says "class" like some fancy glassware!
I used some antique dishes and serving platters that I borrowed from family for the desserts because I wanted to take something that was simple and make it elegant.
 Last but not least, you need guests! Ryan isn't someone that likes the spotlight, so I wanted to keep the guest list very simple by only inviting close friends and family. There's nothing better than ending your night with a toast to friendship.

"Life should not only be lived, it should be Celebrated"
Life is too short to not celebrate! Sometimes I feel like we go through life making huge changes, accomplishing great things and never take the time to celebrate and really recognize what we've done. So keep calm and celebrate!


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