Friday, September 25, 2015

DIY Little Bunny Fufu costume.

I am so excited to share with you one of my very favorite Halloween costumes!
Little bunny fufu!
We all know that little song about little bunny fufu, but if you don't you can listen to it HERE.
That song inspired my little family's Halloween costumes 4 years ago. My husband was a mouse, I was the good fairy, and my sweet Olivia was little bunny fufu.
I was so excited to make Olivia's costume and immediately knew that she had to have a puffy tulle skirt to go along with the cute bunny hat her great great grandmother made.

Here are the details on how to recreate this costume:

Similar hats can be found HERE, HERE, and HERE. Or you can just search Etsy for homemade bunny hats.

A simple white sweater over a white onsie. 
(You can just use whatever you have at home. A white shirt would would be great too!)

All I did was buy some elastic, measure it around her waist(or where I wanted it), and then cut it 2 inches smaller than what she measured.
I sewed the elastic so it was a circle.
I bought 9 yards of white tulle and cut it in about 6 inch strips and then tied them onto the elastic waist really close together.
The strips of tulle really weren't even cut straight and some were longer than others but I just trimmed up the bottom once I was done.
I found THIS tutorial on youtube if you would like more detailed instructions.

White tights

Little white fuzzy slippers.

The tutorial I used is no longer available but THIS one is extremely similar.
After it was made I simply safety pinned it to the back of the tulle skirt.

I drew her whiskers on with black eyeliner and put a little bit of pink lipstick on the tip of her nose.

There you go! Its pretty simple and seriously the cutest costume on the planet!
(At least I think so.)

You can find some super cheap mouse ears HERE and some cute fairy wings HERE.

Happy Halloween costume making!


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