Monday, October 5, 2015

Halloween Make-up Looks and Products.

I am so excited for Halloween this year! I get to paint so many different faces and see their costumes come to life! I thought I would share some of my favorite products I used to create these looks. 
The Cheshire Cat inspired from a picture on Pinterest. 
 These are my favorite face paints for pure pigment. They are the BenNye brand that you can get at any local party store or Taylor Maid. Instead of buying all the colors, I only purchased primary colors because I'm able to mix the colors to create whatever I want.
If I'm working with clients with extremely dry skin, I LOVE this brand. All you do is add water and the paint goes on extremely smooth and it doesn't sheer out the pigment. It will keep the paint full coverage. This brand is KRYOLAN in the aqua line.
I didn't use this product in the models above, but I thought I would share it still. This is my favorite fake blood because it doesn't smell cheap, it dries wet looking, and its inexpensive. I purchased it at Taylor Maid
For any special effects like zombie bites, flesh eating wounds, attachments, etc. You will need liquid latex. Again, the Taylor Maid brand is my favorite. My special effects last all day and the product is inexpensive. (the link to the website doesn't show a picture).
 The KatVonD palette is a must. I've talked about this product a number of times and I will continue to do so! It's perfect for blending and adding neutral tones to finish off every look. 
The Urban Decay Electric palette is so pretty and so fun! I can't believe how rich and pigmented the shadows are. I use this palette on the daily for my face painting clients. The colors look intense but it's perfect to use with any colorful look!

I hope you enjoy these fun halloween makeup looks! 

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