Thursday, January 28, 2016

The Perfect Plaid Shirt.

Top: The Rose Nest || Skirt: Shop & Apparel || Shoes: H&M (similar) || Bracelets: Etsy (Similar) || Lips: Mac Saint Germain

First off, I just have to say it is a little weird posting about fashion! I am usually the one behind the camera shooting my girls, recipes, and other lifestyle things, but I made a goal this year to step out of my comfort zone a little bit so here I am showing off a little fashion! I'm sure you would prefer Sophia's fashion posts (she's seriously stunning), so bear with me!

I was so flattered when The Rose Nest sent me this perfect plaid shirt. I mean seriously it is my new favorite shirt! I usually wear a lot of black and grays and have been trying to branch out in the color area a bit, so when I saw this green plaid shirt I was so excited to add a new color to my wardrobe. One of the things that I love about this shirt is how long it is. It seriously fits perfectly. I also love how cute it looks with jeans and leggings, but that it can totally be worn with a skirt for a bit dressier look! (As pictured above).

Okay on a completely unrelated and rather funny note you should have seen my shoes during this shoot. For those of you don't know I live in Oregon and well it rains all the time! It's especially been rainy and wet here the past few weeks. However, not even thinking I put on my black suede heels to take pictures and realized on location that it might be a little interesting considering it was solid mud! Needless to say there aren't many pictures of my shoes, in fact you probably didn't even know they were heels because they were so far into the mud. (See full body shot) So with that being said I may only be wearing rain boots in the fashion posts to come!

Bottom line, this shirt is the best! I am so excited to wear the heck out of it because you know that's what us moms do when we find something we love (and by wear the heck out of it I mean wear it like 3 days in a row every week haha).

Be sure to check out The Rose Nest! They have such cute things!
And a special thanks to my dear friend Lindsey for taking these photos!


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