Monday, January 25, 2016

20 Makeup Tips to Help Improve Your Makeup Routine.

1- Always match your foundation to your neck, NOT your face or the back the of your hand.

2- If you're doing a darker makeup look, do your eyes first= and your face last. This way you won't have any fallout on your face makeup and you'll have it on bare skin, so you can wipe it off before you apply foundation.

3- Less is always more with face makeup.

4- When applying foundation with a brush, never swipe, always buff it in with circular motions. That will you give you the most natural finish and won't leave brush lines.

5- Have dry skin? Easy on the powders!! Also use a moisturizing primer before makeup applications.

6- Have oily skin? Hello powders! Matte primers and foundations will also help immensely with preventing oil throughout your day.

7- If you're ever using glitters for an eyeshadow, glitter guards are a MUST!

8- Understand what tones enhance your eye color! This doesn't mean you're limited to certain colors.

9- Contouring and highlighting is NOT unnatural. Although it may mean more makeup. It actually will enhance your natural bone structure.

10- Concealer will be your best friend for dark circles & blemishes.

11- Learn about your eye shape so you can understand and learn what techniques to do when creating makeup looks.

12- Want bigger looking eyes? Avoid putting dark liner in water line, and put a cream or white liner instead. This will definitely make your eyes pop!

13- You don't always have to have high-end makeup. There are plenty of amazing brands and drugstore products that are just as incredible if not better. Do your research, Pinterest obviously will give you plenty of options.

14- Clean your brushes!! Maybe this will help solve those unexpected breakout mystery's.

15- Never put bronzer on your entire face. Ever.

16- Brows are a game changer. Careful with the shape you use because even the most happy, sweet, kindest person can look angry, evil, old, or tired with one wrong move.

17- There is no such thing as over blending!

18- Learn about brushes and the meaning of each one!

19- A makeup setting spray will extend your makeup to help it last longer and not rub off.

20- "Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist". - Pablo Picasso


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