Monday, December 14, 2015

Holiday Glam With Red Lip & Plum Lip

Holiday Makeup

Hey everyone!! This holiday makeup look is pretty common this time of year. There is something about a sparkly gold eye, and cherry red lips that puts you in the holiday spirit! I thought I would try to pair this gold eye makeup with a dark plum lip to change things up. I honestly love both of them so much and would wear either or to a holiday party. If bold colors aren't your thing, don't worry! A nude lip would look just as incredible too! 
PS - When taking these photos it was EXTREMELY windy outside! sorry for the random hairs in my face!


 1- to set my lid so all shadows will blend easier.
2- transition shade for my crease
3- to warm up my crease
4- outer corner crease to add depth 
5- a tiny amount to deepen outer corner
6- all over lip to clean up any fall out. (this color has a peachy gold undertone, which was I wanted for the gold glitter to go on top!).

Gold Glitter- H&M

Highlight- Maybelline FitMe
Contour- Benefit
Illuminator: Mary-Loumanizer by The Balm

Color Pop Cosmetics- Succulent (bright red)
LipLand Cosmetics - Montenegro (deep plum) - sold out. Similar HERE.


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