Monday, July 13, 2015

Baby, you're a Firework.

 Nothing stands out more then adding some glitter to your eyes! As you know, I am OBSESSED with glitter! As far as I'm concerned, glitter should be everywhere. I wore this sparkly look for the fourth of July and it couldn't have been more perfect. I wanted to use a something that would go with the patriotic colors red, white and blue but I'm not one for putting a bright red or blue on my eye, at least not yet ;) so I chose silver. I couldn't help but think that the glitter represented the fireworks so I literally felt like I had sparkly fireworks on my eyes haha! Weird I know, but I absolutely loved this look especially for this particular holiday. Obviously, a look like this can be worn for so many different occasions so play around and have fun with it!  
Products Used:
Sephora's Glitter Guard Eye Primer (perfect for adding glitter. I feel like the best way to apply is by using your finger)
Mac Cosmetics Cool Neutral Palette - Silver Fog (for the lid before applying the glitter), Cumulus and Brun (both used for my crease not too overboard, the glitter should be the main focus)
For the glitter I just used a loose silver glitter from the craft store. Nothing special.
I stacked two different lashes together (any would work) to complete the look. I didn't even add eyeliner but that would have looked incredible too. You can't go wrong!

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