Thursday, December 3, 2015

3 Fun Traditions To Help "Kick Off" The Christmas Season.

Christmastime is seriously the best! I especially love it now that I have littles of my own. It's so fun creating traditions and watching their little faces light up with excitement as they experience all the fun things of the season.

I am so excited to share with you 3 of my favorite Christmas traditions that take place on (or around) December 1st. I consider them my "kick-off the season traditions!"

1: Christmas Pajamas
This is a tradition that I grew up with and knew that I would continue in my own family. As a child we always opened them up on Christmas Eve, but this year I decided to give them to my girls on December 1st. I thought it would be fun for them to wear throughout the Christmas season since they are Christmasy! I haven't decided if I will always do that or if I will give them on Christmas Eve. I guess we'll see!

2: Christmas books
I always get my girls a Christmas book to give to them on December 1st. We absolutely love reading and it is so fun to grow our little collection. There are so many Christmas books, so I'm sure we'll be doing this for a while!

3: Christmas Ornaments
Starting with my very first Christmas my mom would buy an ornament each year and give it to me the night we decorated our Christmas tree! I absolutely loved this. I loved that each ornament was specific to something I liked or did that year. This year I got Olivia a little ballerina doll ornament since she started ballet and performed in two recitals! I got Clara a little polar bear or "snow bear" as we call them because she is obsessed with THIS book and absolutely loves them! 

Here are some pictures from our "Christmas tradition shoot."

Olivia & Clara's pajamas: Gap  || Books: The Nutcracker & Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer || Ornaments: Ballerina (bought in stores at Hobby Lobby & Polar Bear (in store)

If you have any traditions that you do with your families please leave a comment below and tell us about them! I am always looking for fun things to do!

We hope you are having a fabulous Christmas season so far!

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