Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Tubby Todd Goodness!

(They recently changed the bottle labels on the lotion, wash, and bubble bath so these are a tad outdated, but they are still the same products.)

I am so excited to tell you about my very favorite skin products for my littles.
Seriously I get excited just thinking about them!
First of all let me back up a bit and just give you a little background info on the company Tubby Todd.  It is a fairly new company that sells 100% natural skin products. And don't kid yourself they aren't just for littles; in fact, they work wonders on skin of all ages!
One of the reasons I love these products is because I love knowing that I am putting completely natural ingredients on my little's skin. I also love that on Tubby Todd's website you can read about each ingredient and why it is beneficial to use on your skin. You can find that list HERE. I also love that these products literally work miracles on skin that is sensitive, dry,and prone to eczema. 

Keep reading and I will share with you how I use each product on my littles.
Bubble Bath: We don't use this every day. But my girls absolutely love it! It smells citrusy (simply divine), the bubbles are plentiful, and it leaves their skin feeling super smooth.
Hair and Body Wash: This wash is amazing. A little goes a long way. We put a pea sized amount on a loofah, lather it up and scrub those little sweet bodies. We literally cover them from head to toe! The smell of this is honestly the best. It smells like a sweet, fruity lavender. Ahh! You'll love it!
Dream Cream: One word for this stuff...PERFECTION! Seriously. It's hard to pick which one of these is my favorite but if I had to I would say the dream cream. The smell is pure heaven. Sweet, minty, and clean! Those words don't even do it justice so trust me when I say you'll love it! I use this every night and morning on my littles' faces and hands. It is a little thicker than the lotion so it is perfect for those sweet cheeks and hands that tend to get a little dryer. I also absolutely love this for me. I wash my hands more than I can count each day so this is my go-to lotion for added moisture.
Lotion: The lotion smells exactly like the wash which we absolutely love of course. So getting to rub it all over my babies after their bath is the best! I use this lotion all over their skin after bath time. Back to the smell, as much as you want to get those kids in bed at night you may hold on to them just a little longer because of how good they smell :)
All Over Ointment: This ointment doesn't really have a smell but it is extremely thick making it perfect for those dry patches/eczema! My oldest little girl gets quite bad eczema on the inside of her arms, wrists, and the backs of her legs behind her knees. I apply this cream directly to those areas and rub it in. I do this after bath time and then right before I go to bed when she is already asleep so it has all night long to soak in and heal those sensitive areas. It works wonders!

They have one more product that I have not tried yet, their baby fresh spray. I am itching to try it and if it is anything like the other products I know I'll love it!

As I'm sure you know by now we are all about Tubby Todd over here.  They are honestly the best products on the planet. One of my favorite times of the day is bath time because we get to use all our tubby products. And sometimes during the day when I have withdrawals I'll go open the bottles to take a few whiffs for that added energy :) Seriously, it's that amazing!

You can buy these products and find more information/reviews about their amazingness HERE.

We are doing a $30 Tubby Todd credit giveaway over on our instagram @puckerupstyle!
So be sure to head over there to enter!! If you win you will get to pick two products plus have a little leftover to put towards a third! 



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  2. Such a great giveaway. Tubal you for the opportunity. I would really love to try the dream cream, bubble bath and the all over ointment. My Instagram name is

  3. I love Tubby Todd products they really helped my babe with her eczema!!! I just recently bought the baby fresh spray and it just honestly keeps them smelling fresh!! I would love love to try the dream cream!!!

  4. Im so excited and Thanx for this opportunity. I would love to try the Love Lake Lavender Lotion and the Deep Sea Bubble Bath.

  5. I would looooove to try the Love Lake Lavender Lotion!

  6. I'd love to try the dream cream!!!

    Rebecca G

  7. Definitely the hair and body wash :)

  8. Definitely the hair and body wash :)

  9. (ar6f550 instagram) Yay! This is such and exciting giveaway!! I recently bought the dream cream, ointment and the baby fresh spray!!! Amazing!!!! I would love to try the Hair and Body Wash and the Lotion next. Thank you!!

    1. Oops,I'm accidently on my husbands Google acount for some weird reason, but my name is Arianna not Chris I hope that doesn't effect my possibility of winning. 😁

  10. I would love to try the bubble bath! (Instagram - jayywan_)

  11. I would love to win this for my boys! Instagram robync182

  12. I would love to try the %100 Natural Baby Fresh Spray!!

  13. I love Tubby Todd! Best stuff ever - my favorite is the Lavender lotion. Yum!

  14. I've been following Tubby Todd ever since I found out I was pregnant...I'd love to try their baby fresh spray!


  15. My nephew loves Tobby Todd during bath time! My sister uses the bubble bath and wash, then the lotion for after.

    Instagram: skylarpaige14

  16. Hi, I'm @maxaon2 on instagram and i would love to try these products! Especially for my little niece! Thank you! !