Tuesday, October 20, 2015

DIY Paper Plate Ghost Craft.

How cute is this paper plate ghost?!
My girls had a blast making them and chasing each other around the house with them afterward!

Here's what you need:
*White paper plates
*White streamers cut into 18-24-inch strips.
*Black construction paper for the eyes and the mouth.
*White paper used to make the hands and arms.
*Tape (not pictured).
*Ribbon to hang them up when you are finished.

1: Cut out your eyes and mouth. I found circular objects to trace so that my circles were nicely shaped.  I made the mouth bigger than the eyes but you can do whatever you want!

2: Trace your child's hands on white paper and then when you are cutting it out just cut straight down where the thumb and pinky end so that you can add on little arms.

3: Glue the eyes and mouth onto the paper plate.

4: Either tape or glue the arms to each side of the plate (I found that tape worked better and was less messy since the kids where doing it).

5: Tape the streamers to the back of the plate making sure there is plenty of streamer still hanging.

6: Attach the string/ribbon to the plate so that you can hang them when they are finished playing with them. I just taped my ribbon on the plates really good but you could hole punch and tie them on as well.

*We hung our ghosts from the ceiling fan in the kitchen which I must admit is a tad creepy at night when I am going in to the kitchen in the middle of the night with no lights on!

Happy Ghost Making!

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