Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Classy & Cozy.

Sweater: Hollister (on sale) Found a look a like at Forever 21 || Skirt: Forever 21
Long, loose sweaters are so comfortable and you could wear this dark gray, knit sweater with any outfit. I decided to pair it with a classic, black pencil skirt. I'm freezing ALL THE TIME so wearing a sweater with a skirt adds that extra warmth.    
Necklace: Böhme (found a similar one at Heirloom Finds) 
Dress up any outfit by adding a statement necklace. I love wearing these necklaces because it really does add that extra something that changes a simple, casual outfit into a dressed up, classic look.
Shoes: Penny loves Kenny from Ross
These shoes were a gift! Great gift right? I found some similar styles at HERE and HERE. You will learn very quickly that heels are my kind a shoes. 
"High Heels are Pleasure with Pain."
-Christian Louboutin

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