Wednesday, November 25, 2015


 Director/Model: TheJpetite 
Styling/Set Design/ Rentals: Lindsey Ekstrom- Fancy Lou Designs 
Makeup/Model: Yours Truly
Accessories: Alixandra Collections
Sophia's Apparel: Alixandra Collections c/o
Jess's Apparel: Top: Joie | Bottom: Shein c/o

Let me start off by saying how incredibly grateful I am to have worked with such talented people! Jessica is one of the most kind, unselfish people you'll ever meet. I've had the opportunity to work with her a couple of times now and when she first told me about the shoot, I was super excited and honored to be apart of it. She is so creative and absolutely wonderful to work with. I had the pleasure of meeting Ashley and Lindsey and can I just say how fabulous these two women are? I can't believe how much ambition Ashley has! She has such a keen eye and knew exactly how to make us look good and achieve a good shot. There was no messing around! :) It amazed me to see Lindsey at work. She had boxes and boxes of these incredible decorations and she put it together in minutes. It takes someone extremely talented and creative to pull something this extravagant off in the little time that she had.  
Thank you to all vendors and creatives that made this shoot possible and allowing me to be a part of something wonderful!  

Happy Thanksgiving!!!


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