Saturday, October 24, 2015

Halloween Play-doh fun!

My littles absolutely love playing with Play-doh. 
I usually don't play with them because I am using those few precious minutes to catch up on things or do whatever I need to do that day (like shower)!
But, since it is Halloween time and I love doing festive activities with them, I thought we'd sit down and make some fun Halloween things with our freshly made play-doh.
We seriously had a blast. It entertained them so much longer than I thought and we were dying laughing over all the cute and silly creatures we were making!

Here's what you need:
*Halloween cookie cutters (I've just collected mine over the years mostly from Target and Wal-mart).
*Play-doh (I absolutely love THIS recipe).
*Googly eyes (Not pictured here but you see them on our final creations. You can get some in bulk HERE).

My Olivia came up with these little "blobs" that we all thought were hilarious!
Anyway, the sky is the limit with these creations, 
Happy Halloween play-doh(ing)!

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