Wednesday, September 2, 2015

How I get my Exercise.

I'm so excited to share my exercise routine with you! I'm a girl who LOVES doing cardio. A good strength exercise is obviously good to add into the mixture but cardio motivates me the most and I need some motivation if I'm going to get myself to workout haha. I usually exercise at home, so dance workout videos are my go-to. I love dancing (can't dance but whatever; do what you love) and the energy and excitement that the workout team has is extremely encouraging. Heres what I do:

I NEED to eat something before I workout, especially if I'm working out in the morning. Exercising on an empty stomach makes me dizzy and affects my ability to give my all in a workout. You don't want to eat a full meal, just a little something to give you energy. My favorite pre-workout snack is a banana. If I don't have bananas, I'll munch on some nuts (my personal favorite are almonds.) 

Hip Hop Abs: The Ultimate Ab Sculpting System by Beach Body, is hands down my favorite workout video! You'll definitely get good cardio exercise but you'll have fun doing it. Shaun T is hilarious, his team is so excited, and they get so into it, you can't help but give it your all.  
There are three different dvds to rotate through so you aren't stuck doing the same routine everyday. My personal favorites are the Fat Burning Cardio and the Cardio Groove. They are all amazing though!!

The Biggest Loser: Boot Camp is another video that I do to change it up a bit. This video is the perfect mixture of cardio and strength (mixing the two burns more calories.) There are three different levels on the dvd and you slowly add each level to your workout as you get more in shape (they explain what to do.) I'm not going to lie, it gets pretty intense! 

This Wii Zumba Fitness 2 is perfect for a good cardio workout because you are constantly moving! I know this isn't really a workout video, but it's a game and isn't that even better? You can create your own workouts by choosing the songs you like and how long you want to be dancing for, it even tracks the calories that you burned! You'll definitely get a good workout while having a blast!  

At the end of every workout, I drink my all time favorite protein powder! I love Muscle Milk because, mixed with a little milk, it tastes like melted ice cream (maybe a little exaggerated but still, it tastes good) and I can't drink anything that tastes gross no matter how good it is for you. It's important to eat, or in this case drink, within a half hour after you've worked out so that your body can recover faster from the stress and muscle breakdown that took place during your workout. Also, you can improve your body composition by building more lean body mass and retaining less fat.  

Last but not least, DRINK WATER! It's important to be drinking water during and after your workout. Lets be real, when is it not important to be drinking water? 

I hope you enjoyed reading how I get my exercise and that you found something useful to add to your workout routine! 
"The only bad workout, is the one that didn't happen"

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